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Thread: Misli manje i vise poznatih

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    Time is said to be irreversible. And this is true enough in the sense that ‘you can’t bring back the past,’ as they say. But what exactly is this ‘past?’ Is it what has passed? And what does ‘passed’ mean for a person when for each of us the past is the bearer of all that is constant in the reality of the present, of each current moment? In a certain sense the past is far more real, or at any rate more stable, more resilient thant the present. The present slips and vanishes like sand between the fingers, acquiring material weight only in its recollection.
    — Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time

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    Ja sam niko! A ti, ko si?
    Takođe niko, dal’ to si?
    Onda nas je dvoje – ćuti!
    Znaš, razglasili bi svima.

    Kako je sumorno biti neko!
    Onako javno, ko žabe poj,
    Čitav dan ponavljati svoje ime
    Baruštini očaranoj!

    — Emili Dikinson, 1830-1886.
    Šale umiru, humor ostaje.

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    Default Misli manje i vise poznatih

    "Courage is grace under pressure", Ernest Hemingway

    „Art is never finished, only abandoned“, Claude Monet
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    "Vidiš li: svet pun sebe grca -
    Očiju punih, prazna srca."

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