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Thread: Decent inexpensive AMJ stage lighting equipment recommendations

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    Lightbulb Decent inexpensive AMJ stage lighting equipment recommendations

    Can you help me decide among these three laser show equipment please?

    First, I'm buying from online shops

    Second, my budget is 1000€ max, so if you have a different recommendation please tell me.

    Now, this is what I have narrowed my search:

    Single Green laser light show with eight heads (322€, free shipping).
    Eight claw Pro lighting Red Green dj laser light (477€, 27+20 shipping).
    Eight Multicolored Red + Green + Purple 200mW nightclub laser light (610€, 55+6 shipping, i could

    not find this one cheaper).

    If you have a better option for around the same price range please let me know. thanks guys!

    PS:Sorry for my poor English.

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    Lightbulb good advice

    Need help choosing stage lighting- Clueless! hot new housing 3w 637nm red rgb laser show lightHey guysI find this from this site: hope you have time and inclination to check the specs if it is decent and say what you think about it.I'd like to use them for many years.It looks very good and Anybody can give me some advice, many thanks.

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    Have you tried Thomann? Do they ship in your region?
    I'd go for 2-3 spots and some LED lights.
    Alexandra from W2C Stage Equipment

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